Assamese Classical Dance Workshop


A 15-day workshop (Jan 8th to Jan 22nd, 2017) on Sattriya - the 15th century classical dance form from Assam was organized by Satriya Kendra Guwahati of Sangeet Natak Academy in association with Asomi. The objective of the workshop was to promote cultural assimilation between Assam and Maharashtra, and to provide theoretical, practical, and philosophical aspects of Satriya Dance and Music to dance enthusiasts in Pune. Symbiosis Ishanya Cultural and Educational Center, Pune (SICEC) partnered in hosting the event. Total of 52 participants from Pune, Mumbai and Nagpur attended the workshop. The workshop was conducted by Ustad Bismillah Khan awardee Guru Naren Baruah, supported by Bayan Guru Bipul Ohja and Gayan Guru Saurabh Mahanta.

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