The first people to know you The ones who taught you to walk The people whom you can trust upon They love you since the time you were born They are angels sent from heaven Mine are special so are yours We all love them and call them our family   About the Poet :

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Friends are worth more than diamonds They help me when I am frightened If I got stranded on an island, I would rather be with them Then be divided. Sometimes they may be annoying And might keep talking But without those chirping noises We wouldn’t be able to rejoice. So, I thank all those friends

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Spring, the season of the flower, Spring, the season of pleasant weather, Celebrated by many a culture, Spring, a giver and a taker, Spring, the season of the peaceful, Loved by each person or the other, Spring, the centre of festivities, Spring, a giver of life, Spring, the season of life, Oh, about spring we

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Shinning night

It’s Midnight, you are staring at the sky At 00:00 You are tired. You are excited It feels like giving up, It feels like running away into the peace of The night You shouldn’t give up fellow, For the midnight is exhausted and tired As you but, it have the dazzling stares as that Little

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বিহু বিহু বুলি সৰুতে আনন্দত দৌৰি ফুৰা দিনবোৰ জানোবা কেতিয়াবা ঘূৰাই পাম! মাৰ পৰা এখন পিঠা, পেহিৰ পৰা দুখন পিঠা গোটাই যে পকেটত লৈ ফুৰিছিলো আকৌ দৌৰা মাৰিছিলো তপনৰ ঘৰলৈ, খূৰিয়ে মৰমতে দিয়া নাৰিকলৰ লাড়ু আৰু যে ক’ত কি সাঙুৰিছিলো, মোৰ বাৰুকৈয়ে মনত পৰে, কোনোবাই যে কৈছিল, তপনৰ ঘৰত নাযাবলৈ মানুহবোৰ হেনো নাযায় তাহাতৰ ঘৰলৈ।

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