Relief for Flood affected People of Assam

In 2019, the flood situation in Assam became grim with more than 40 lakh people affected with a toll of 90+ unfortunate deaths.  The Assamese diaspora came together to collect significant contributions as a community, which was handed over to the Chief Minister’s Fund. Individual certificates of contributions were issued. Oddly enough, the same period saw a flood situation in Maharashtra – the “Karmabhoomi” of the Assamese diaspora in Pune. As such a portion of the flood relief contribution was donated towards the relief of victims of the flood in Maharashtra, in partnership with the “Sakal Relief Fund” .



Earlier too, in August, 2017, ASOMI initiated a cloth donation drive amongst the people of Pune for the flood affected people of Assam. The clothes were handed over to Gunj, an NGO, for distribution in the flood affected areas in Assam.

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