The Creepy Mystery of a Missing Girl

There once was a detective, Delphine Foster, she was 16 years old. Delphine was as smart as Enola Holmes. She once got a case about a missing girl. Oh boy! Trust me this is one of the best series you have read. So, in the file this was the information given :-… “Name of Girl:- Amelia Lanes. Her story was tragic she was involved in a car accident which she barely survived, later on she wanted to have her mind distracted and went to her lake house with her friends. They were Jack, Jamie, Kate and Peter. After a few hours of having fun with her friends, she was nowhere to be found. Her friends call the police and her parents. They searched for her everywhere until they found a BODY of what looked like a girl whose face was a bit crooked like Amelia’s. Her parent’s started tearing up, the police said to them to take a DNA test. Till the results came everyone was cautioned, a few weeks later the results came…and they were…NEGATIVE! Amelia’s parent’s were relieved but she was not to be heard of again. UNTIL a few days ago she was SEEN by JACK at the grocery store.” That is what the file said, so next day Jack was interrogated by Delphine. She asked one important question “What did she say to you and how did she look like??” , Jack answered back “She was coved in dirt, twigs and barefoot, she also said to meet her at the lake house at 5 p.m. Delphine made a plan that she will sneak up on Amelia when she is talking to Jack and take her back but who knew what was going to happen?? Delphine got ready to go. She knocked on Jack’s door no answer, she did again still no answer. She was about to knock again just when somebody put a hand on her shoulder. She slowly turned around to see who it was…it was JACK. She yelped and said she got scared. They went to the woods, Jack came out and then so did Amelia. Amelia started to explain while Delphine was listening she mentioned her parents were SERIAL KILLERS. Then Delphine came out and Amelia hid in fear Delphine said “I am your friend and I will help you arrest your parents, I just want to ask some questions!”. She asks “ Whose body was that girl’s if you are here??”. Amelia replies, “ That was one of the body’s my parent’s killed and put in the basement of the lake house.” Delphine takes notes of that. The next day Amelia’s parent’s were arrested. THE CASE FINALLY GOT SOLVE.



About the Author :

Avika Maheshwari

11 Years

Educon International School

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