Unity in Diversity

I am Rhythm Borthakur, and I am born and brought up in Pune, Maharashtra. So do I call myself a Maharashtrian or a Assamese as my Parents are from Assam ….
I kind of find it weird that even though I live in Pune I am still connected to Assam . Most of all, I can’t get over the fact that Maharashtrian’s are so similar to Assamese people ! Our whole society come together to celebrate Lori, Magh Bihu , Pongal , Makar Sankranti , and much more .
Even at home, we try our best to embrace the culture of Assam to the best extend possible . My father too , always watches the Assamese news to stay tuned about what is going on in Assam. The volume of the T.V is always up !Even in Bihu my mother makes Pitha for us to eat . We even get to taste Kumol Sawal Doi cream etc.
In every Durga Puja we go to the pandal and every Kali Puja we go to the temple . My Parents and Grandparents tell me stories of how they used to go from one pandal to another which they call pandal hopping in Durga puja. There are a lot of stories that they told me about their childhood that I find strange . It must have been very weird back then. Even though we do not visit Assam a lot, we are all still fluent in Assamese, and I never miss an opportunity to learn assamese or know about Assam . Maharashtrians also have great culture and we get invited to celebrate with them , like Shivaji Jayanti, Gudi Padwa etc. Assam always tries to celebrate Maharashtra too. And not just Maharashtra, a lot of other states of India too.
After writing this I feel that I might be Assamese or Maharashtrian. But what matters is I being Indian!

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Rhythm Borthakur
10 Years

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